Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weep not of the days gone by

It is in our ability to comprehend at some point the trials and understand on the surface the lessons that reality will bestow upon us. In doing so we will find a new page is written. In all actuality that which brings us together is only complicated by the outside world and what we believe they will find acceptable. In our youth the same experiences in which today are not heightened or seen in the same context as our maturity levels are different. The ache in which we feel in our heart creates and overwhelming desire to bring a measure of reasoning to the moment.
I tried to look at life with a different perspective, but as time life speaks in a truth that rises to the occasion and sheds a different light upon the moment. Our wants, our hunger and our needs are what makes us different from any other creature that walks the earth. With one thought we can trouble the mind, confuse the heart and mislead the soul. The pain unequal to any physical injury as the scars go for years unseen.
I find that at times I am exhausted at merely trying to file accordingly the experiences and place a reasoning to each individual experience. In one sense I feel as if the moment is taking me down the path of a new journey and at other times I want to completely hide behind the world. Trying to find the balance is not easy, to run and hide and yet stand up for oneself.
When you take the experiences and review you find that there are many ways to look at one situation. What I have learned? Why did it happen? What does it leave in me? When will I heal? Or will I heal? There are so many questions and still I don't have all the answers. This for sure I know is that yes the more you look, the more ways you can interpet. I am sure of this, I have felt a love of souls, I allowed it in my heart, one with spirit, one in thought, I have loved and forgotten not. I cannot make anyone see nor make him understand or believe, but this I know is surely true, love had surfaced with the love of you.

Weep not of the days gone by,
they gave us laughter,
they made us cry.

We danced in the heavens,
we embraced in the night,
our souls entwined while
still in flight.

Weep not of the days gone by,
they gave us laughter,
they made us cry.

We lived, we loved and a
chapter we left of the day
when our hearts had met.

Weep not of the days gone by,
they us laughter,
they made us cry.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I gave him my heart,
I gave him the key,
he took all my loving
and said goodbye to me.

I gave him my dreams,
I gave him my faith,
he took all like a game,
he didn't believe.