Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Holidays

Closure, acceptance, truth, reality, peace and happiness. Well get that all in one breath. Closure, the most difficult emotion that I have  yet to come across. Closure means bringing something to and end. I have brought closure, I have accepted that time period as what it is, a learning experience. Acceptance is much more difficult, because the line is fuzzy and we are not clear what we should accept. Truth, it is rare we can get it from anyone else, but the truth lay within us. I accept was is as the truth of my being. Reality is what we think it is, my reality is that the journey has many mountains. You get over one you find yourself at the bottom of another, we call this life. Peace, we wish it for the world, but truly peace does start with one and becomes contagious.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Taking it Back

I was once told "you are only a victim if you allow yourself to be." I declared that today I am taking back my life. I was grasping as if there was something in the darkness. But I have come to understand that I needed to reach inward to surface above the negativity. I shall never feel that pain again...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Intimate whispers

Years of tears
gave him the power. 

I still feel lost
as if running in circles. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dinner at the Lardin House Inn

If you have never visited the Lardin House Inn in Masontown, now is the time to come by for lunch and dinner. The restaurant has been beautifully restored by the new owner's, to the days of its former glory.  We recently at dinner there and it was done to perfection by the Chef Bill Aupperle and the food actually burst with flavor. The chicken was so flavorful and tender and the vegetables fresh and colorful. The surroundings took you back in time to a place rarely caught in today's busy world. Whether you are looking for lunch in between work, office meeting or simply wanting that special place for dinner, " The Lardin House Inn in Masontown comes highly recommended.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Silly dreams...

I feel like a politician " not everyone likes me." As time so quickly passes I find that I respond to my emotions in quite diverse ways. I could easily allow the negativity to overshadow the positive, but what would there be to gain.

I hold those memories,
I hold them close and 
I'll never let them go, 
for in my heart you 
wandered and began
to grow. 

The days are quickly
passing and I know 
not where they lead
but at this moment, 
I celebrate the love 
which my soul flows. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

No Goodbye

He stayed away and maybe he knew the tears would dry and no longer would I cry. He left with no goodbye, no hug or kiss that day, simply disappeared and left me all alone. For years I cried, I thought that deep down inside, I would never ever be the same.

He stayed away and maybe he knew the tears would dry and no longer would I cry. So much I wanted to hear and so many things I wanted to share, but he is gone and like a season fades away. The memories stayed and I use them to bridge from day to day beyond the heartbreak.

He stayed away and maybe he knew the tears would dry and no longer would I cry. In my heart the chapters of life got their start and there I lock them away. The day is new and as time went on I grew and accepted that time has passed us by.

He stayed away....