Saturday, December 14, 2013

The way we were

Memory - Barbra Streisand

Sometimes someone else can express better than I can....

Friday, December 13, 2013


Sometimes we find ourselves
in a melancholy blue, forgetful
of the treasures that life gives
to me and you.

The dreams that carry us through
the night in hopes that reality
will follow with delight.

The skies are bluer, the clouds
a calm puffy white and there
is where I invite you to dance
the night.

The greatest gift we can be given at the holidays is life with health. What we choose to do with the gift is unique to each person. Some people toss it aside, others try to exchange it and than there is the one who are greedy, try to keep the gift to themselves and then we have the re-gifters, who go about trying to pass on this gift of life. But in reality it's the people who dare to open the package and see that every moment and everyday is magical and through our trials and triumphs we get a glimpse of our most important Christmas gift.
I think people like to take Christ's birthday out of context. His gifts of peace are our gifts of peace. Each person has in them the ability to pass on the gift of love and peace.

Love is magical
it lives within in us all,
some try to bury it and
others ignore its call.

Peace is the blessing that
see's our through the day
reminds us that we are
in procession in a limited

Merry Christmas to all~