Thursday, August 20, 2009 is a heavy case of IF

I sometimes feel circumstance weighing down upon my soul and so I have created this safe haven where my spirit is set free. There is no judgement, no right or wrong, the pleasure is in the moment where the heart is captivated by song. The music is a little different, it gathers all the sounds, from the caw of a crow, a hound dog on the run, the ticking of a clocking and children laughing and having fun.

In reality I am here to think, to escape and to explore and allow my spirit to see that life is so much more. My thoughts and desires, my soul traced dreams and the understanding of the day when doors cross swing.I am not racing to the attic where the webs are thick and the spiders await a visitor to devour at breakfast time. I am closing my eyes and the visions are mighty clear, I 'm in a field of daisy's and you're standing there. The sun is shining and the sky is an alluring blue and I feel the seduction of walking and hand in hand with you.

Sings> If

If I could be anywhere,
I'd be with you,
dancing in the blue,
making love to you, baby.
If I could be anywhere.

If I could turn the hands of
time, I'd erased all thirty
five and rewrite them
and make you mine, baby.
If i could turn the hands of

If I could create a storm,
it would be out of the norm.
Thundering your name and
kisses in the rain, baby.
If I could create a storm.

If I could make a dream
come true, I'd spend my
life with you, Loving you
baby. If i could make a
dream come true.


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