Saturday, February 13, 2010

and what a chapter it was.

Was it lies that held me,
actions of a lustful soul,
did you ever really care,
or was I simply the fool?

Did you ever sense my
love, did you know I
needed you, or was it
just another game that
lustful people do?

In Biology it's all about dissecting!

I took each moment,the ones I
shared with you, dissecting the
heart and soul,to see if you ever
loved me true.

Was your heart cold, did you never
let me in, was it all for nothing and
does the story have an end?

I felt something moving, touch my
heart of love, I thought for sure you
cared and the heaven sent your love.

The days were awfully lonely, I
so wanted you here, I thought
that you wanted me like I wanted
you my dear.

My heart was broken, my soul
cried out for you, I felt like the
angels failed to get my love to

Tears kept on falling, they never
quite went away and so I write
the story to help the heartache

I wished only but to see you, to
hold your hand but once and
whisper intimately of my most
precious love.

Somethings just aren't meant
to be, and lies a poor foundation
lay, because love can't strengthen
when it tumbles from a foundation
like that of crumbling clay.

I remember laughter, I remember
smiles and sometimes I remember
the crossing of the miles.

I believe some common threads
were weaved between us two,
you never sat in judgement and
you make the sky always seem
more blue.

My heart isn't sorry, it knew our
love was real, but I am sure you
were afraid to let your heart feel.

You never said goodbye, you never
said goodbye, you never said goodbye
you just went away.

Oh I cry for the moment, I fear for the
day, I thought that you understood,
the love we both had made.

Sorrow had entered, I felt the signs of
despair, it took seven years of dreams
in the hopes you'd be here.

Foolish is the spirit which thinks life can
change, but you my friend had turned
away from the love I gave.

Weep not of yesterday, no sadness in
the air, for love had entered the heart,
even though you disappeared.

When one loves anything is possible,
when two love the reality mixes with
dreams to fuse into a majestic display
of true happiness.
If only you would have asked,
If only you would have said,
If only you would have trusted,
this would be the beginning
and not the end.

My soul cries out,
we wrote a hell of
a chapter and to this
day I claim, that it had to
be love or I was madly insane.

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