Thursday, November 19, 2009


There is a story that I know the angels tell,
of a love so wonderful from heaven it fell.
It knew no boundaries and the mountains
it climbed, the love of a lifetime elevated
to the sublime.

There is a song that I heard the angels sing,
in the blue of the sky above the trees.
The music is magic that only lovers can
hear, in the dark of night in morning air.

There is a dance I saw the angels do,
celebrating the love of two.
Images high up in the sky documenting
the joy of you and I.

There is a dream that the angels send,
gentle and soft as a bunny cuddling,
my eyes closed and my heart knows ,
the dreams the angels send.

There is a moment engineered by the angels
above, special and so filled with your love,
seen in the sky through snowflakes and
fields of rye, angel love dusted here.

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