Friday, July 2, 2010


I declare it must be an obsession, this love I have for you, for there is no barrier large enough to block what I feel for you. In your absence my hearts knows the void and feels the ache and my mind races like a cheetah wild and on the run. I say " heart, what is your are doing? " and to that my hearts response and" it wasn't actually something said or something people do the connection that lit fireworks is when my soul merged to one with you." Than why does it hurt so and why doesn't it mends it way? The heart spoke to the soul and soul chose to reply" rare is the heart that ask for nothing in return, but simply cared for and so warmly loved" The tears now heavy I can hardly hold them back, for I know that I felt the energy and through my heart is pierced, like a dagger I felt it going in and still I have not felt it pulling back.

Fireworks only happens when you ignite the wick and
find yourself amazed at the dazzling explosion on display.

It hurts because I know the truth...

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