Sunday, June 27, 2010

I believed and so it was easy to give you my heart.

...and you never said goodbye!

Put your head on my pillow,,, mmmm and I'll whisper in your ear. Oh! baby I love you, I love you dear. Open your arms and hold me tight, I'll love you forever and these feelings I won't fight....... I'm in love, yes it is true, I"m in love, from the first time I met you. You sang with my heart, you danced with my soul, you made love to my being in a ever lasting hold. Oh! baby, I love you, I love you dear.



I don't know what is happening, I don't how you cast that spell, but once I was in heaven and I stood at the gates of hell. I bartered with the devil, "you can have my soul, if I can have his love and on this earth forever hold. " The devil he just laughed, ' I can't take the credit, no contract do we have, as someone else has brought together and to heaven you'll transcend" Why do I feel such and ache? why did he stop from loving? why did he leave and my heart break?" No one seems to answer, not even the angels from above and so I ask once more is this the way my life will end? The darkness places a blanket and another day is gone and i can't help from wanting the arms of love to hold me strong. Tears no longer falling, no song can I hear, the dance upon the heavens has all but disappeared.

Silly, silly, silly moments, I can't stop from loving you, so I close my eyes once more to sleep and dream my dreams of loving you.

There is an emptiness where once was a spark,
from the moment you went away and took my heart.

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