Thursday, August 5, 2010

Intimate darling I love you more with each breath that escapes from the depths of my being.

There was a good bit that was left to interpretation and depending on whether you allow your heart or your soul to define the moment becomes the deciding factor in how you deal with life.

Soft sweet whispers from my heart to yours
from my soul to the one I adore,
soft sweet whispers to you as I whispers
words of my love for you

I came to terms with the facts that I cannot be responsible for all that happens in life and through the gates of love I find an unusual array of emotions just waiting to be explored. I have treaded in deep waters where lust anchored the soul down, but it wasn't till I felt your love that I surfaced to the shore to feel your arms around.

I don't feel so well, this is one of those moments that I not only one to feel the warmth of your embrace but need to feel the power of your holding me close.

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